Solent Gateway Ltd (SGL), located at Marchwood on Southampton Water, presents an outstanding opportunity for trade and access to/from the UK’s largest and most demanding markets, including London and the Midlands.

a drone shot of the solent gateway facilities

One of the Solent’s Freeport Sites

Solent Gateway presents an ideal opportunity supporting commercial activity, underpinned by both RoRo and LoLo shipping.

Solent Gateway’s Port of Marchwood developments support those businesses seeking the facilitation of logistics hubs, business parks, storage, sea to rail, sea to road, automobile, project cargo, general cargo, dry bulk and break bulk.

Freeport Tax Site
Certified Site
Freeport Customs Site
Certified Site
225 Acres
Multimodal port capacity
4 Berths
Across two jetties
85 miles
By road to London
32 Tonnes
Rail mounted cranes


a white map with blue pinpoint and blue translucent arows

Solent Gateway’s extensive infrastructure, excellent rail links and well established access to major road networks enables the most ambitious traders targeting growth, expediency and flexibility.

Solent Freeport Group

Solent Gateway is a partner of Solent Freeport Group, one of eight new Freeports located in the UK which will act as a national hub for global trade and investment, promoting regional regeneration, job creation and be hubs for innovation.

Solent Freeport will be exempt from customs duties for goods imported, offer simpler customs procedures and benefit from a range of tax incentives, such as enhanced capital allowances and relief from stamp duty and employer national insurance contributions for additional employees.

two red cranes above a container dock on a sunny day


Together with its unrivalled rail and road links connecting the port to distribution hubs across the UK, Solent Gateway plays a pivotal role in keeping the UK’s trade moving, and delivers real benefits to customers, the community and the industry. Contact us today to find out more.