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Renewable Energy

Supporting Green Energy Companies with Transport Services.

The renewable energy sector has seen extensive growth in recent years, particularly with wind power technology due to the government’s ongoing aim of reducing the reliance on fossil fuels and nuclear energy. 

At Solent Gateway, we have a proven track record in supporting the renewable energy sector, with potential for growth complemented by our global transport connections and port-centric facilities. 

We understand that every project is different, that’s why our working in partnership approach allows us to provide the best possible solution for a customer’s unique needs. 

Solent Gateway is well equipped to undertake all types of renewable energy cargo with suitable infrastructure, an experienced team to complement any project.

What experience does Solent Gateway have within renewable energy?

We have an extensive track record of success working within the renewable energy sector. Specialising in large and out of gauge cargo we have handled some of the largest offshore wind turbine blades. 

Solent Gateway was responsible for the transport of the largest offshore wind turbine blades in the world for the record breaking V164-8.0 MW Turbine from Vestas on the Isle of Wight.

Our transport links, extensive land availability and experience in project cargo make us the top choice for the transportation of wind powered projects. 

Our Marchwood port is one of only a few ports in the UK with the capability to offer storage for items 120m+ in length, proving we have the capability to aid many renewable energy projects no matter the size of the cargo.

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This is a unique opportunity for access to a Freeport Tax and Customs site. We are creating 225 acres of high quality multimodal port capacity with outstanding connectivity by sea, rail and road.

Why use Solent Gateway?

Our team is highly skilled and have years of experience with a variety of different project cargoes including projects within the renewable energy sector. Our proven track record can assure you that regardless of the shape, size, weight or complexity of your cargo, we can help you with every single step of the shipping process.

We offer a variety of project cargo services, covering a variety of industries. We can cover break bulk, heavy lift, high value cargo and can use RoRo and LoLo vessels where possible to ensure your cargo is moved safely and securely. Also, Solent Gateway has been announced as one of the UK Freeports in the Solent cluster, meaning any logistics complications are a little easier to navigate.

We take pride in ensuring that your cargo is handled safely and efficiently at every step, and if our process needs to adapt to suit the needs of your business, we are incredibly agile and will make sure we can do everything we can to guide you through the project.

We can also provide the additional services that come with complex heavy lifts including freight forwarding, warehousing, haulage and customs clearance. We understand that the process of getting some larger shipments can take time and a lot of steps, but we are diligent and will be with you every step of the way.

Get in contact with Solent Gateway today to discuss your cargo needs and how we can help you.

Solent Gateway offers

Solent Gateway is well equipped to undertake all types of renewable energy projects with suitable infrastructure, an experienced and safety-conscious team to complement any project.

Heavy-lift Quayside
Extensive Storage Areas
as well as warehousing and yard storage
Space and Facilities
for specialised mobilisation and demobilisation
for developing a factory and pre assembly sites
Development Land
suitable for construction of a manufacturing facility
customs and tax incentives
Robust Infrastructure
to serve the emerging offshore renewable wind market