a car being unloaded from a roro ship


Roll on, roll off

With four berths across two jetties and a dedicated, built-in ramp, we can facilitate Roll On/Roll Off (RoRo) vessels with ease and efficiency. We pride ourselves on being faster, easier, and more convenient, welcoming wheeled cargo including, but not limited to:

Wheeled and tracked plant equipment

Located less than 15 minutes from Southampton port, our Freeport provides easy-to-access road connectivity to the UK’s most demanding markets, including London and the Midlands, with secure onsite storage. 

Our time-mindful and expertly skilled on-site team will help ensure your arrival and onward journey are both seamless and uninterrupted.

Excellent road and rail links are complemented by an onsite intermodal rail terminal, providing easy access to the port and making onward distribution both seamless and fast for all UK destinations.

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This is a unique opportunity for access to a Freeport Tax and Customs site. We are creating 225 acres of high quality multimodal port capacity with outstanding connectivity by sea, rail and road.