An aerial view of Mulberry Jetty.


Solent Gateway provides a range of services and facilities to offer a fully flexible multi-modal 225 acre port. Our dedicated rail link, which is connected to the national rail infrastructure, can provide a direct route for freight whilst reducing traffic on the roads.

Solent Gateway has 4 berths across 2 jetties with RoRo capability available for commercial vessels. Solent Gateway also boasts an extensive railway network within the port for the transportation of freight to and from vessels, with direct links to the national rail network for ease of transportation to anywhere in the UK.

An aerial view of Mulberry Jetty.
An aerial view of Mulberry Jetty.

Mulberry Jetty

Berths 1 and 2

4m Depth
Maintained to 4 metres below Chart Datum.
115m Useable Length
An aerial view of the Falklands Jetty.
An aerial view of the Falklands Jetty.

Falklands Jetty

Berths 3 and 4.

Due to Southampton Water’s unique double tide, we are able to operate for extended periods well beyond this level with capability accommodating vessels of up to length 205 metres / beam 27 metres.

8m Depth
Maintained to eight metres below Chart Datum (Including Approach)
169m Usable Length
Two Dolphins are available for vessels up to 210m
Fixed Conventional
Fendering type
25,000 metric tonnes
Maximum vessel berthing load
Rail access & link
Span facilities are available on each berth
2 Cranes
Two 32 tonne rail mounted cranes, with container handling ability
Link-span Pontoons
Maximum 100 tonnes (SWL) – variable freeboard settings on both spans


A slipway facility is available at request – please contact us for more information

an aerial view across the solent gateway port

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This is a unique opportunity for access to a Freeport Tax and Customs site. We are creating 225 acres of high quality multimodal port capacity with outstanding connectivity by sea, rail and road.