a bird's eye view of a port with containers in storage
Marine Information


Dock Berthage Fees

For vessels engaged in transfer of cargo over SGL Quays
Vessels trading from and to:per GT
Any UK Port/Zone, Isle of Man, Channel Isles and NI£2.47
Ports within the EU or European Free Trade Association£3.82
Any other Port£5.15
Berth Rent

Applicable the following calendar day after the completion of cargo/passenger operations

Items:per GT
Levied per day or part thereof£0.14
Non-commercial craft & vessels without a GT certificate
Items:per GT
Charges per metre per day (or part thereof) up to 50m£10.20
Vessels over 50 meters in lengthPOA
Minimum Charge per call£410
ISPS Charges (Per Vessel)£74.58
Port Waste Management Charge (up to 4m3)£75.78

Cargo & Passenger Fees

Items:per MT
Goods Fees (Wharfage) *Discharged / Loaded over quay or overside£13.49
Ships Stores£6.95
Discharge, Load or Transhipment of cars (Per vehicle)£4.39
Passenger FeesPOA

Other Charges

Linesmen/Mooring Gang (Per act) £493.60
GTO (per hour)£40.00
Supervisor (per hour)£45.00

2021 Tariff Document